Sportsman’s Club

Sportsman’s may be my favorite bar in Chicago. It’s full of friendly people, many of whom also work in restaurants and bars, and is a great place to meet new friends. Especially if you have a cute doggo!¬†18624552_10155355441533584_2121777392_n.jpg

Sportsman’s cocktail menu refreshes every day. This visit I had a gin apricot martini and a coffee bl18624518_10155355441403584_2124306713_n.jpgack manhattan. (Dita had a nap.)¬†Sportsman’s has a huge back patio, cozy booths with chess tables, and a long bar and it’s all dog friendly. Dita and I ordered a pizza and enjoyed it by the big fireplace on the patio. We’ve also attended many parties hosted by friends there – including a Kentucky Derby party! While no food is served by Sportsman’s, every Sunday all summer long different Logan Square restaurants cater dinner for just $20 a plate on the patio.

“Sportsman’s Club’s Home 4 Chill Pets”

Sportsman’s is a must for cocktail enthusiasts and their furry friends. Our most recent visit was DJ’ed and the music was super funky. It’s hard not to have a good time there. If you’re planning on visiting just remember it is cash only, but there is an ATM on site.



Dita loves Sportsman’s because there are always friendly pooches to play with, adoring humans to snuggle with, and if she gets too cold out on the patio there’s a fire and the cozy indoor bar is dog friendly, too.

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