Fido to Go Food Truck

A dog treat food truck?! This food truck goes all over the city delivering gluten and allergen free dog treats AND FROZEN YOGURT! We bumped into Fido to Go at Berwyn & Clark in Andersonville after brunch!unnamed.jpg

Dita got the baseball themed “fi-yo” and LOVED it. It was too much for Dita all at once but “fi-yo” can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months!

Fido posts their whereabouts for the day on their facebook page¬†and instagram. They go to dog parks, street fests, and dog friendly events! They’ll even come to your dog’s birthday party and provide a cake!


The best part of Fido To Go is how much they care about the community of dog owners in Chicago. Their social media platforms not only promote their healthy dog treats, but also share missing dogs and dog safety tips. They know and love Chicago and all it’s adorable pups!


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